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Thank you for choosing JPDC as your dance family! Please read all details below.
JPDC's Mission: 
"Our mission is to educate and develop students for lifelong success through the art of dance. We teach the values of discipline, self-esteem, confidence and respect. By sharing our passion and love for dance we encourage and develop your child's full potential as an individual. At JPDC, we stress The Rhythm of Excellence in all aspects of life" -Jody Phillips
I understand that it is my responsibility to receive or obtain a copy of Jody Phillips Dance Company policies and take the responsibility to carefully read and follow the rules and policies therein. I understand that Jody Phillips Dance Company does not give credit and/or refunds for class(es) missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, disruptive behavior, etc. I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child's participation with Jody Phillips Dance Company, and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation.

 I Accept
Communication is the key to a wonderful experience in dance.  JPDC communicates information primarily through email.  It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that all forms are signed and all information on file is correct.  JPDC has an open door policy.  Always feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or concerns at anytime.  If for some reason you are not receiving emails, please notify us as soon as possible.  Information may be communicated on our website, in the lobby, on the door of the office, etc. For your convenience we periodically communicate through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. We recommend you follow us on Social Media! Please use as your primary form of online communication. 


 I Accept
Enrollment A student is officially enrolled when online registration is complete and payment has been made with a credit card on file for online payments. Until payment has been made, we cannot guarantee you a spot in the class.


 I Accept
Commitment is vital for making this a wonderful experience.  Students who miss classes interrupt the flow of learning when they return to class.  Please be consistent in your attendance to ensure continued advancement.  A student is allowed to make-up a class within the trimester of the class missed.
Caring is a high priority.  Positive attitudes toward other students, parents, Directors, and the instructors are essential.  Anyone abusing this policy will be given one warning.  If the problem persists, the student and/or parent may be asked to discuss the inappropriate behavior with the instructors/directors, leave class for the day, or ultimately be asked to leave permanently.  (No refunds will be given).  We stress positive and cooperative attitudes.  If you have any concerns, please let us know. 
Liability Disclaimer JPDC and its instructors are not liable for any personal injury or loss of or damage to personal property.  Students may decline to participate in an activity if a student deems it harmful.  Please inform us of any physical limitations, medical issues, and any information that is pertinent.

 I Accept
Lost & Found We have a lost and found that can be found in the studio.  We periodically clean out these baskets and donate them to charity.  We cannot be responsible for personal belongings.
Security Concerns Students are asked to wear street clothes over their dance clothes when
coming and going to the studio.  Absolutely no student is allowed to wait outside the studio for his or her ride; they must wait inside.  Should a student leave on their own accord; we are not liable for them.
We recommend everyone upload a picture of his or her student so we have a picture on file.  For the protection of our children there is no videotaping or taking pictures of students while at JPDC.


 I Accept
Cancellation of a class JPDC reserves the right to cancel a class if for any reason a class size drops to fewer than 8 students, in case of an emergency, or if the instructor is unable to attend. If fewer than 8 students are enrolled by the second week of each trimester, the class may be canceled. At that time, you will be asked to transfer into another day and time.  If this is not possible we will credit your account the class cost minus $15 per class taken and registration fee.
Weather Closings In the event of severe weather, we follow the Blue Valley and Olathe school districts for inclement weather closings. Classes will not be rescheduled but you are welcome to make up missed class at your convenience within a 30-day period.
Substitute Instructors If for any reason your child's class must have a substitute, we make sure that a qualified instructor is assigned to the class.  All students and parents will be expected to respect them in the same positive manners as they would their regular instructor. 
Parent Observation Parents we value your help and support!  To ensure the education of the child is at its best, parents are not allowed in the studio during class time. We encourage parents to not watch as it distracts the flow of the class.  Never compare or discuss others ability.  We ask that parents and students are respectful and supportive of each other.  Parent watch week will be scheduled periodically throughout the year and will be the last 10-15 minutes of the class.  Parents will get to enjoy JPDC's Winter Wonderland and Spring Recital performances.  


 I Accept
Dress Code we ask that you adhere to our dress code.  Hair is always to be up and away from the face.  It is important to label all items with your child's name. No jewelry except stud earrings are allowed.  Ballet classes are required to wear (female) pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun, and leotard specific to level. Please contact the studio for further requirements. Hair ties and band-aids are the students' responsibility. 
Facility Rules  JPDC studios have the most professional state of the art floors that will protect your child! Thank you for treating our facility with respect. We ask that everyone removes their shoes before entering a studio. We have it professionally cleaned and we ask you to please pick up after yourself.  Any damages done as a result of a student or sibling will be the financial responsibility of the parent. If the problem continues, we will be forced to ask you to wait elsewhere.  Children are never to be left unattended, as this is not a babysitting service.  Your consideration of others is greatly appreciated. Cell phones are not allowed inside the classroom. If an instructor has to wait over 10 minutes after closing, parent will be charged for a private fee.

 I Accept
Tuition and Fees  Full payment is due on or before the first day of the session and will be automatically billed per tri-mester:  September 1 (or date of enrollment), December 1, and March 1.  Summer Session is two months of June and July and will be due by June 1st or at the time of enrollment. Once a student is enrolled online there will be no refunds for any reason.  There are no deductions for missed classes and no credits transferred to another trimester.  There are NO Refunds. Tuition is not pro-rated.  Students who enrolled after the Trimester begins can make up missed classes.  Please ask your appropriate teacher for a list of classes. Payment received after their due date will be assessed a late fee.  Any account submitted for collection will be charged for all costs of collection including attorney's fees. 
*JPDC's preferred method of payment is by debit Visa/Mastercard. 
JPDC does not automatically send out statements. They may be emailed upon request. You can go onto your account at any time and view all transactions.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to email or call us.  There is a $25 fee on any returned check.
Classes that are posted as an hour online are 55 minutes which allow the teachers and students to transition in between classes. 

 I Accept
DROP POLICY - A minimum of two-week notification prior to the end of the trimester must be given by emailing the office if you wish to drop or change your schedule.  Because a spot has been reserved for your student, you will be automatically billed and expected to pay unless there is communication and confirmation from the office 2 - TWO weeks prior to the session ending.  NO exceptions.

 I Accept
Recital/Spring Review Every year we have a spring recital showcase.  It is a wonderful performance opportunity, but not required.  At the recital, unless otherwise specified, parents must have someone in charge of their child at all times back stage and in the dressing rooms.  Students are not allowed to watch the show from the audience.  They are encouraged to watch dress rehearsal.  Parent will help line up child 3 numbers before performing - parent will be able to watch their child and will not miss their performance.   There is absolutely no videotaping allowed at the recital.  We have a professional film the program and a DVD can be purchased through our front office. The dress rehearsal is mandatory for the student to be able to perform at the recital.  Recital are a fantastic memory!
Spring Recital/Event Package There will be a recital/event package per family. This package includes venue rental and other recital expenses, includes a t-shirt (one per family) for your student/dancer, two (2) tickets for the spring recital and a professional recording of the recital.  Once you have paid for the recital package there are no refunds if you decide not to perform. 
Costume Fees Costume fees will be approximately $75.00 for all Stars/Minis classes; approximately $85.00+ for all Level I – VII classes; and approximately $95.00+ for all Ballet costumes for Levels IV+, not including taxes. These costume fees include the costume, garment bag, a hanger, tights, accessories, etc.  This will be applied to your account on November 1st.  Late orders (after Nov. 1st) will be charged a special-order fee. If you wish to not be a part of our Spring Recital you must notify the office three weeks prior to November 1st or a costume will automatically be ordered and your card will automatically be charged. Costumes that are not picked up within 60 days after they arrive will become the property of JPDC.
Costume Alterations All students will be measured during class to determine their correct size. If your child measures an Extra Large there will be a $10 extra charge per costume.  Please be aware that alterations may still need to be made and are the responsibility of the parent.
JPDC Additional Opportunities JPDC will have many educational opportunities throughout the year that you may choose to participate in.  Conventions, master classes, workshops and camps may be posted at the studio, sent by email, and on our website.     
Logo & Name The Jody Phillips Dance Company is a registered trademark and cannot be reproduced or used in any way without written consent.

 I Accept
•    I acknowledge and accept the following payment options at Jody Phillips Dance Company:
•    JPDC has online auto pay for your convenience
•    You may not take yourself off autopay. You must contact the office to be removed from the autopay plan.
•    There will be a minimum $15 charge for any card that is not up to date online. Your card will be charged $25 for any time your card declined, expired or payment does not go through for any reason.
•    If a family enrolls in a class on-line and does not pay on-line or does not complete the checkout process (even if they have no balance due), the system will automatically drop you and send a "Your on-line enrollment has been canceled" e-mail. 
•    You may pay with cash or check if you pay before fees are due (a card is still required to be on file).
•    If you choose to pay in the office with a separate credit card, that is not on file, there will be a convenience fee applied.


 I Accept
CONTRACT & DISCLAIMER: I, the adult applicant or I, the parent or legal guardian of the Applicant, for in consideration of Applicant's participation in the instructional and educational programs of Jody Phillips Dance Company do herewith and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the said Jody Phillips Dance Company, included its officers, instructors, assistants, volunteers, employees, and agents (JPDC) from any and all liability, loss, claims, demands or damage, including reasonable attorney's fees and/or medical fees, resulting from any claims, causes or action, demands, costs or judgments, against the said JPDC, from whatsoever extent or nature, including without limitation, any injury, illness, accident, damage to personal property, lost wages or personal damage to such Applicant or a member of his/her family, arising from such Applicant's participation in any program, class, course of instruction or performance at the studio or any location under control or supervision of JPDC.  I agree as a parent/guardian that both I and student will support JPDC in a positive and cooperative manner and agree that the student (applicant) and I, as parent/guardian, will uphold the policies found in the handbook and any addendums to it throughout the year.  Additionally, I give permission for JPDC to take photos and/or videos of my child, the applicant, or me to use for advertising, on the studio website or any promotional purpose or studio special events.  EVERY STUDENT & PARENT MUST READ THE JPDC HANDBOOK.  BY SIGNING/ACCEPTING BELOW, PARENT/GUARDIAN ASSUMES FULL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR TUITION & FEES.  ALSO, SAID PERSON HAS RECEIVED & AGREES TO ABIDE BY ALL JPDC STUDIO & PAYMENT POLICIES.


 I Accept
Electronic Signature Contractual Agreement. By selecting the "I Accept" checkbox, I am signing this contract electronically. I agree this electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this contract.
I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document. I have read and understood it, and I agree to be bound by its terms.
We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach your child the art of dance! 

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