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AGES 2-4

New in Tutus (May 30th - June 1st)

Have a child who is ready to try dance? This super fun camp is an introduction to dance class. Each day your tiny dancer will learn basic class structure through Ballet, Tap, Tumbling, and Jazz skills. This camp will introduce them to dance class in a FUN and positive environment. Ages are 2-4. Click HERE for direct enrollment.

AGES 4-7

Princess Academy Camp (June 5th - 8th)

Grab your passport and get ready for an adventure around the world! Your Princess will get to experience the adventures of being in the enchanted lands of all different Princesses! Come sing, dance, and create with us.  Each day will feature a different themed Princess from Far Away Lands with experiences, dancing, crafts, Princess Dos and Don'ts, and etiquette. Each day they will receive stamps in their princess passport. For 4-7 years of age. Click HERE for direct enrollment.


Mermaids & Friends (June 19th - 22nd)

Come join the magical world of unicorns and mermaids!! We will explore all styles of dance in this camp! Each day will be an adventure exploring land and sea with these fun creatures. Dancers will be encouraged to show off their magical flare each day. There will be dancing, tumbling and a special performance on the last day of camp! Ages are 4-7 years of age. Click HERE for direct enrollment.


Tea Party Extravaganza (July 11th - 12th)

Grab your girls and tiaras for this tea party extravaganza!

Dress up as your favorite princess and learn basic tea party etiquette, along with Princess do's and dont's!  There will be singing, dancing and curtsies, OH MY! Ages are 4-7. Click HERE for direct enrollment.

My Pony Party Adventure (July 17th - 20th)

Saddle up your tiny pony and prance on over for this enchanted dancing adventure! Little princes and princesses will love collecting sparkling charms and pony patches on their journey through the magical world of Charmland. Each adventure will introduce them to different styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement. Packed with plenty of dancing pony power, cheerful charming crafts, and fanciful friend-filled adventures, this camp is perfect for any dancer who loves My Little Pony, princesses/princes, and all things magical! Ages are 4-7. Click HERE for direct enrollment.

AGES 7-12

Cheer Camp (June 6th - 7th)

Grab your pom-poms and bring that cheery spirit to this 2-day camp! We will explore what it takes to cheer on the field for the big game! You will not want to miss out on this NEW camp! Poms Included! Ages are 7-12. Click HERE for direct enrollment.

Fierce Pop Stars (June 26th - 27th)

Let's go girls…Time to grab the mic and step into the spotlight! This jazz and hip-hop camp will be sure to bring out your inner pop icon! With all your fan favorites such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, JoJo, The Descendants, and more! Dancers will learn jazz moves and hip-hop grooves to all their favorites! Don't miss out on leaving your fans starstruck by your legendary performance! Ages are 7-12. Click HERE for direct enrollment.


Tik Tok Hip Hop (July 18th - 19th)

Back by popular demand!! This workshop is going to cover all things hip-hop! We will explore the foundation of this style of dance and learn the latest moves to the freshest beats! Dancers will also spend time learning and creating their very own TikTok videos for the studio! Both days include dance class, skills as well as some JPDC swag.  Spots will fill up fast! Register today to save your spot! Ages are 7-12. Click HERE​ for direct enrollment.

AGES 10+

Camera Angles (June 20th - 21st) Ages 12+

Ready to work those angles?? This workshop will make you super comfortable and confident in front of the lens. Bringing out YOUR star quality! In today's industry it is imperative to not only know how to perform but to know staging and where the camera is. Dancers in this camp will also create their own visions for filming and angles for the camera. Don’t miss this one! Ages are 12+. Click HERE​ for direct enrollment.


Improv Workshop (June 27th - 28th)

In this workshops, Dancers will define the art of explorative movement. They will learn to push their boundaries by finding new ways of thinking with improvisation dancing. Dancers will learn how to create their own choreography and work on creating phrases that truly stem from their own ideas and imagination. This workshop is going to take your dancer to a new level! Ages are 10+. Click HERE​ for direct enrollment.


Tumbling & Tricks (July 11th - 13th)

Get ready to flip, dip and tumble! Want to conquer that tough trick or learn something new? This intensive will allow you to work on those specific skills or master that one trick you've been working on. With highly trained acro coaches, this workshop is a must for the serious dancer or tumbler! Ages are 10+. Click HERE​ for direct enrollment.

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