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JPDC's Competitive Team 

JPDC's competitive team is a National Winning group where we not only stress teamwork, confidence, and leadership, but also making priceless memories, creating life long friendships, and always displaying The Rhythm of Excellence in all aspects of life.  

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Being a part of JPDC's award-winning team is a big commitment and honor! However, we understand that a balance in life is important. Many of our older students are also members of their high school dance teams, musicals, and sports. 


At JPDC we allow you to choose the commitment level that works best for your family and financial situations. 


For ages 4-7, 

An example commitment of a company member would be to take the following required classes: 


  • Company-Specific Class

  • Pre-Ballet

For ages 8-18, An example commitment of a company member would be to take the following required classes: 


  • Ballet (2 times per week)

  • Jazz

  • Tap

  • Leaps, Jumps, & Turns (LJT)

  • Company-Specific class


Students may also choose to take, Modern, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Tumbling, etc. (This will depend on the level of commitment and level of experience). 


At JPDC we believe in giving back to our community. The competitive team is also involved in community performances.


If you are selected to be a member of the team a Company Handbook will be given to you complete with dates and requirements including a parent meeting to go over all the information before a contract is signed.



JPDC's competitive members display The Rhythm of Excellence in all aspects of life!


We will let our students and parents tell you why...


"Jody Phillips Dance Company is your home away from home. It's the place I go to get away from everything where I'm surrounded by constant love! I never thought I could improve as much as I have in these past years at the studio. You honestly become a family and get opportunities no one else can offer."     


-Anastasia S. 13



"I love being on the JPDC competition team. The faculty is amazing and I look forward to going to dance all day. I feel like I have a second family when I go to dance. All the dancers and teachers are very friendly. I have improved so much as a dancer and as a person since joining JPDC. Everyone there has supported me on my journey to become an amazing male dancer. I am so lucky to be with the JPDC competition team."


-Conner W. 11



"The key to a great studio experience is finding one that allows you to be yourself and still pushes you beyond where you thought you could go. All the while being surrounded by friends and teachers you consider family. The best studios teach you, guide you and if you want, get you ready for the next level. That's the experience I've had at Jody Phillips Dance Company!"


-Kevin M. 18



As my girls were still excited this morning about this weekend and the fun they had, I keep thinking about how lucky they are to have great choreographers, role models, and supporters of their hard work in dance! Thank you Marlee, David, Saylor, Lindsay, Lexi, Kelly, Hayley, and Jody for making them happy girls!


-Becky, mom of Lauren & Abby F.



What I weekend! I think I have finally uploaded all my pictures from the dance competition. On Saturday Sarah competed her first ever solo and she was FABULOUS and we couldn't be more proud! I just watched the video and I'm crying again. On Sunday, Sarah and Avery competed this year's duo for the first time. Both girls danced their hearts out and we couldn't be more proud of them both! Just can't imagine going out on stage to perform by yourself or even with 1 other person. It takes a tremendous amount of courage.

Many thanks go to Lexi for all of her work with Sarah on the solo and Marlee for her work with the girls on the duo.

Thanks to all the teachers at Jody Phillips Dance Company you help Sarah and all the dancers every single day!

I was most proud of Sarah when she told me "I think dance studio X didn't act very well" I agreed with her! So thanks to Jody Phillips for creating an environment where how the team acts is as important as how they dance.


-Laura, mom of Sarah M. 

Auditions - 2022 


Audition dates are 

July 22nd and 23rd, 2022

Friday July 22nd 


5:00-5:45pm Ages 4-7


5:45-7:00pm Ages 8-12


7:00-8:30pm Ages 13+ 


Saturday July 23rd 


9:00-10:30am Ages 8-12


11:00–12:30pm 13+ 

ALL dancers need to register for auditions:

Ages 4-7: Click HERE

Ages 7-18: Click HERE

From the young age of 4 to seniors in high school, we have an opportunity for your child to be a part of our competitive team. Every year we hold auditions where existing students, as well as new students, audition in front of a judging panel to be placed on one of our competitive teams. 


If you are new to our studio and plan on auditioning we require you to be enrolled in classes at JPDC over the summer as well as attend upcoming summer intensives. 





It is through our passionate instructors, proven curriculum, company culture, and hard work from our students, we consistently win top awards at competitions. It's not all about trophies, it's about working hard and doing the best you can!  

2015 Stage One Nationals Branson, MO

1st Place Hip Hop Production - Highest Overall Score Teen

"We Royal"

Teen Shout Out Winner!

2015 Tremaine KC

1st Place Hip Hop Production - Highest Overall Score Teen

"We Royal"

2014 National Finals Stage One Branson

Senior Group Shootout Winner

"The Races"

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