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The Cajun Nutcracker

Please see below for the most updated information on Cajun Nutcracker. Details are subject to change!


December 13, 2020 at the Jewish Community Center

Filming and Rehearsal: Enter the MAIN JCC DOORS

Winter Wonderland: Enter the White Theatre doors

5801 W 115th St, Overland Park, KS 66211


Cajun Nuctacker Filming schedule: 8:30 am-12:00 pm DANCERS ONLY:

We will be rehearsing and filming the Cajun Nutcracker in the MORNING! ALL Ballet Dancers (Ballet Levels 1-7) need to report to Jewish Community Center at 8:30 am (please enter through the MAIN FRONT DOOR of the Jewish Community Center for the filming and rehearsing only. There is a large sculpture out front and a circle drive to drop off your dancer. JPDC staff will be there to take you back to the theatre) and they will be there rehearsing and filming until 12:00 pm. Dancers need to arrive in proper attire and completely ready. Parents and families are not allowed in the building at this time. After we finish filming at 12:00 pm, dancers will exit through the main doors (where you dropped them off) and will not need to be back until their check-in time for their Winter Wonderland performance(s) at the White Theatre entrance.

Click HERE to see the Winter Wonderland performance schedule. Please note this is subject to change by small-time increments based on the number of tickets sold. You will get a final schedule after ticket sales are CLOSED at 8:30 am on Saturday. 

We appreciate your flexibility since this could change in small increments to ensure the safety of all dancers and families! 

It is imperative that all families and dancers are on time since this is such a tight schedule.



Attire for Cajun Nutcracker performance and filming:

Costumes are provided, please have your dancer wear the following:

  • Mask

  • Pink-footed ballet tights

  • Nude leotard (in order to change costumes)

  • Hair in a low ballet bun

  • Makeup - a little blush, red lipstick, and mascara

Attire for Winter Wonderland performance:

  • Ballet Levels I-VII (Performing their routine that is in Cajun Nutcracker):

    • Mask

    • Black plain leotard (NO logos, bling, or skirts. Just plain leotards please, any length of the sleeve is acceptable)

    • Pink tights

    • Pink ballet slippers

    • No sequin belt needed!

    • Hair can be in a low bun or half up/half down if they are in other performances.



Tickets – will be on sale ONLY through the Studio Director, not available for purchase the day of the performance. Ticket and belt sales will close on Saturday at 8:30 am - they need to be purchased before this time. Tickets and belts will be available in the lobby for contactless pick-up. Please email or call with any questions about tickets. We are very excited that you can purchase your tickets online through your studio account. Remember to purchase a multiple dancer ticket if you are planning on seeing multiple dancers in the performance. All ticket sales are final - there are NO refunds. Please note that tickets are only available online to limit contact, so be sure to purchase your tickets before the show!

Link to Studio Director:

Easy As One-Two-Three:

  • Sign in to your account, click the three lines in the top left-hand corner, and then on the far right column click “Buy From Inventory”.

  • You can select “Single dancer ticket” or “Multiple dancer ticket” as well as the sequin belts.

  • They will be charged to the credit card on your account at the time of your purchase.

  • All you have to do is stop by the lobby during office hours (Mon-Thurs from 3:00-7:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00-11:00 am) to pick up your tickets and/or sequin belt!


Let’s make some awesome memories and give back to our community by supporting Operation Breakthrough!


We are having a Toy Drive to benefit Operation Breakthrough! Please bring an unwrapped toy to donate to Operation Breakthrough! We will have an area set up in the Studio Lobby for you to drop-off. They are in need, more than ever, of toys from infant through teens! This is something we are so proud to be a part of and to make a difference. Toy drop-off is available during our office hours (Mon-Thurs from 3:00-7:00 pm, Sat from 9:00-11:00 am). We will not be accepting toys on the day of the performance so we can limit contact. Please be sure to drop toys off at JPDC before December 13th!



Cajun Nutcracker performance for filming:

Dancers will need to arrive at 8:30 am for the ballet run-through and Cajun Nutcracker filming. Families are not allowed in during this time. Dancers will not be able to enter the building early. Dancers will need to arrive completely ready! When you arrive at the JCC front doors, a JPDC staff member where all dancers will get hand sanitizer and their temperature is taken, any temperatures that are measured as 100.4 or higher will be asked to not attend. Your dancer will go straight backstage to begin stretching and getting ready.

Winter Wonderland Performance:

Each class will have a designated check-in time. Dancers or families will not be able to enter the building early. Dancers will need to arrive completely ready, and if they are in multiple dances where they change shoes, please have the shoes in a clearly labeled zip lock baggie. When you arrive at the theatre entrance, the door will be opened by a JPDC staff member where all attendees and dancers will get hand sanitizer and their temperature is taken, any temperatures that are measured as 100.4 or higher will be asked to not attend. Your dancer will go straight backstage with their class and JPDC teacher, and all attendees will enter the theatre, please have your ticket ready at this time! 

After dancers are dropped off, parents and other attendees will enter the theatre entrance, given a disinfectant wipe to wipe your seat before and after the show, give your ticket and find a seat. We will be limiting the number of people in the theatre, so when we hit capacity, we will close the door for that performance, and then switch groups for the same group to perform again. If you have another routine, your dancer will remain on stage and parents will remain in their seats until their dancer is completely done with all routines they are in. 



After the show ends and we have finished taping, we ask that one parent waits outside the JCC main entrance to pick up their child. If your dancer is also participating in Winter Wonderland, you will need to bring them back at the appropriate check-in time to the White Theatre dressed in all black at their check-in times for their class.

Winter Wonderland Performance: After the show ends, parents will be dismissed row by and row, you will be responsible for wiping off your seat back and armrests with the wipe provided. We ask that one parent comes to get their child from the stage and the rest of the adults go immediately outside the building - no loitering in the lobby. If you have another routine, your dancer will remain on stage and parents will remain in their seats until their dancer is completely done with all routines they are in.


Please read and review the policies and procedures for our JPDC dancers and families! These are venue guidelines and will be strictly enforced for the safety of our dancers and families. All attendees and dancers will be REQUIRED to wear a mask the entire time, including performances. Temperatures of all attendees and dancers will be taken at the entrance, before dancers go backstage and before attendees go to the theatre. Inside the theatre, we have every other row roped off, and there need to be 2 empty seats between each household in the audience. All seats are first come first serve, attendees will not be allowed in the theatre until the seats are properly sanitized from the performance before, please be patient as we clean and ensure the safety of all our families. The White Theatre at the Jewish Community Center does ask that you use the restroom before entering the building to reduce the amount of people gathering and that you do not bring any food or drinks in the theatre. 


We will not be able to have a live audience for the Cajun Nutcracker in order to follow the new county orders. We are going to have your dancer’s ballet class perform their Cajun Nutcracker routine during the Winter Wonderland performances. This will give you and your family a chance to see your dancer perform their routine that they have worked so hard on! Please be sure to purchase those Winter Wonderland tickets on your Studio Director account to be able to see their ballet routine. 

We are getting a professional videographer to then videotape the full Cajun Nutcracker performance. We will be having these digital videos for sale so that you can have your very own digital copy of the beautiful production, and can watch it in the comfort of your own home and treasure it for years to come! More details on how to purchase digital videos to come. 


We appreciate all your support through the changes and updates to our annual benefit performance so that we are able to give our dancers a chance to perform on stage, families being able to see their dancers, and giving back to the community through Operation Breakthrough.

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