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Competitive Awards


Our Competitvie team is nationally ranked and awarded.  Here are our awards from our most recent competitions.

Tremaine Dance
Kansas City

Tremaine Dance Convention 2016

Awarded Best Showmanship for "Gonna Make You Sweat" & "Ballin"


Junior Awards

"Gonna make you sweat" 2nd place Overall Jazz Group -Best Junior Showmanship!


Teen Awards

"Hurt"-  2nd place overall duo/trio 

"Feet Don't Fail Me Now"-2nd place overall group tap

"New Day"- 2nd place overall lyrical group

"Keep Eyes Open" -1st place overall lyrical group

"Hand Clap"- 1st place overall tap line

"Not In That Way" - 2nd place overall lyrical line 

"Too Original - 1st overall jazz line


Senior Awards

"I Do What I Love" -2nd place overall jazz group 

"Get Up" -1st place overall tap group 

"XTINA"- 1st place overall Jazz production

"Ballin" 1st place overall hip hop production- Senior Showmanship Award!!

"They Won't Go" -1st place Overall lyrical production

"Miami"-1st place overall Jazz production



Connor Watts- one time Tremaine scholarship 

Haley Eksi- one time Tremaine scholarship 

Dylan Barnes- year long Tremaine scholarship

Armani Williams- Freestyle Faceoff finalist and hip hop scholarship winner

Stage One Competition
Kansas City

Congratulations to our Hip Hop dance "That's What I Like" taking 1st overall and for being awarded Highest Score of the Senior Category! Also we are proud to annouce Austin Kelly was awarded Best Male Dancer of the weekend.


Petite Solos & Duet/Trios

Bird set free- double platinum, 2nd overall, choreography award 


Junior Solos & Duets/Trios 

"Sinners" - platinum 

"Shimmy With Me"- platinum 

"Working Day & Night"- double platinum

"Cold Hearted"- platinum 

"She Bangs"- platinum 9th overall, showmanship award 

"Eye on you" - platinum



Teen Solos & Duet/Trios 

"Take It Easy"- high gold 

"Titanium"- platinum 

"Incomplete"- double platinum- 14th overall 

"You Don't Know"- double platinum 16th overall 

"Dream"- platinum 

"Dark"- platinum 

"What You Need"- platinum, 8th overall 


Senior Solos & Duet/Trios

"Gasoline Rainbows"- double platinum 

"Who Am I To Say"- platinum 

"Have My Money"- platinum 

"Heart Cry"- platinum 

"Drive"- double platinum 9th overall 

"Medicine"- platinum 

"The Last One"- double platinum, 5th overall


"Burning Up"- double platinum 

"I'll Be There For You"- platinum 4th overall

"Here I am"- double platinum 3rd overall 

"Way Down We Go"- double platinum 5th overall 

"Say You Won't Let Go"- double platinum 2nd overall 

"One Time" platinum- 7th overall 


Petite Groups

Hair up- platinum 

Boom shak-a-lak-double platinum, 1st overall 

Surprise - double platinum, 8th overall


Junior Groups 

"Keep Your Eyes Open"- platinum, 7th overall

"New Day"- platinum 

"Feet Don't Fail Me Now"- platinum 

"Who's Bad"- platinum

"In Love With A Monster"- platinum 

"Everybody Dance Now"- platinum 


Teen & Senior Small Groups 

"Station"- platinum 

"Do What I Love"- double platinum 


Teen & Senior Groups 

"Not In That Way"- platinum 

"They Won't Go"- double platinum, 6th overall

"That's What I Like"- double platinum, 1st overall- highest score senior dance 

"Hand Clap"- double platinum 

"Get Up"- platinum 

"Too Original"- double platinum 

"Miami"- double platinum, 4th overall 

"Ballin"- precision award 4th overall 

"Xtina"- double platinum, 3rd overall 



-Austin Kelly stage one star award 

-Jody Phillips Dance Company awarded with studio spirit award

Radix Dance
Kansas City

Radix Dance Convention 2017

Awarded best of Radix For "Miami", "Too Original" and "Everybody Dance Now" 


Mini & Juniors 

Dylan  Barnes -Gold - 9th overall 

Ryanne Bjorem- Gold   

She Bangs- High Gold - 1st overall

Raegan Nowak- Gold   

Taylor Lupardus- Gold 

Sarah Mollan- Gold

"Eye On You"- Gold  



Sarah Gravitt-High Silver 

Connor Watts- High Gold 

Laura Denson- High Silver 

Taylor Howard- Gold

Grace Poeshl- Gold

"Dark"- Gold

"What You Need"- High Silver 



Alexandra Digiorgio- Gold 

Emma Webber- Gold 

Sydney Blackburn- Gold 

Haley Eksi- Gold 

Kendal Erwin- High Silver 

Morgan Hope- High Silver 

Megan Broomfield- Gold

"Here I Am"- Gold 

"I'll Be There For You"- Gold  

"One Time"- High Silver 


Mini and Junior Groups 

"Feet Don't Fail Me Now"- Gold

"Everybody Dance Now"- High Gold 2nd overall mini- best of radix 

"Keep Your Eyes Open" - Gold 

"New Day"- Gold 

"In Love With A Monster"- High Silver 


Teens and Seniors Groups

"I Do What I Love"- High Gold 

"Get Up"- High Gold 

"Not In That Way"- Gold 

"Hand Clap"- High Gold 

"Too Original"- High Gold -2nd place teen line- best of radix 

"Ballin"- High Gold -3rd place teen extended line

"Station"- High Gold 

"Miami"- on the edge award -1st place extended line- high score senior jazz- best of radix 

"They Won't Go"- High Gold -2nd place extended line 

"Xtina"- High Gold 


"Studio Standout" Routine- "Miami"

"Miami" chosen to perform in the closing show 



Austin Kelly & Megan Broomfield finalist CORE performers.

Dylan Barnes & Ryanne Bjorem finalist CORE performers. 

Ryanne Bjorem runner up scholarship winner 

Dylan Barnes runner up scholarship winner 

Megan Broomfield runner up scholarship winner 

Austin Kelly runner up scholarship winner 


Cutting edge class scholarships 


Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Classes- Zaera Barber, Haley Eksi, Sara Gravitt, Morgan Hope, Taylor Howard, Sara Mollan, Emma Webber, Kishani


Hip Hop Class- Shayla Hicks, Sydney Blackburn


Musical Theatre Class-  Charlotte Park 

Talent On Parade
Overland Park 

MIni/Petite Groups

"Surprise"- Diamond - too cute award 

"Boom-Shaka lak"- Diamond- 5th Overall 

"Hair Up" - Elite- 3rd Overall


Junior Solos/duet/trios

"Bird Set Free" Double Diamond- TOP Starz- scholarship winner- future star award 

"Working day and night"- Double Diamond 

"She Bangs" Double Diamond- 1st place overall- potential plus award 

"Eye On You"- Double Diamond- 5th place Overall $300 scholarship


Junior Groups

"Keep Your Eyes Open"- Diamond-9th Overall 

"Feet Don't Fail Me Now"- Diamond 

"Everybody Dance Now"- Double Diamond-

"Who's Bad"- Double Diamond- Potential Award-3rd Overall 

"New Day" Diamond

"In Love With A Monster"- Elite


Teen Solo/Duet/Trio

"Sinners"- Double Diamond - TOP Starz 

"Cold Hearted"- Diamond 

"Shimmy With Me"- Double Diamond-10th overall 

"Dream"- Diamond 

"Take It Easy" - Double Diamond TOP Starz

"Titanium"- Double Diamond 

"What You Need"- Diamond- 3rd overall 

"Dark"- Double Diamond- heartfelt award- 5th Overall 

"You Don't Know"- Double Diamond 


Teen Groups

"Too Original"-  Double Diamond- 5th Overall 

"Hand Clap"- Diamond- 10th Overall 

"Not In That Way"- Diamond 

"Ballin"- Double Diamond- 1st Overall


Senior Solo/Duet/Trio

"Gasoline Rainbows"- Double Diamond 

"Burnin Up"- Diamond 

"Syrup & Honey"- Double Diamond 

"Have My Money"- Diamond 

"Drive"- Diamond TOP Starz 3rd overall 

"The Last One"- Double Diamond- TOP starz 

"Medicine"- Diamond 4th overall 

"Heart Cry"- Elite 7th overall

"Diamonds"- Diamond 5th overall 

"I'll Be There For You"- Double Diamond 3rd Overall 

"One Time"- Double Diamond 1st Overall 

"Way Down We Go"- Connection award- 7th overall 


Senior Groups

"I Do What I Love"- Double Diamond 

"Station"- Diamond 

"They Won't Go"- Double Diamond- Totally Commitment 

"Get Up"- Double Diamond 

 "Miami"- Double Diamond- 2nd Overall 

"That's What I Like"- Double Diamond- 4th overall- Category Winner- judges choice choreography 

"XTINA"- Double Diamond 


TOP Studio costume award!

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